Monday, June 30, 2008

Travel 101?

So, on my recent trip I came to the long-overdue realization that I need new luggage. I have had the same set for about 7 years and they have traveled with me back and forth from home and college and shoved in numerous moving vans and trucks over those years. They are ripped and holey and the last few zippers finally gave up and refused to close. Luckily I got one last use of them. But the time has come for some new luggage!
To start, I found some great sets that were (I thought) reasonably priced.

These cute pink ones were priced at only 89.95!
Chocolate and pink---excellent combo and only 124.99 here.

This 2-set Liz Claiborne is 189.95.
I simply love these polka-dotted ones! Aren't they cute? And, hey, they would be easy to spot at baggage claim... They come in at only $165.71.

Leaning towards the more expensive luggage sets I found these:
This set is $279.00 but it comes with 6 pieces!
I like how big each of these are. They look very durable and hopefully are, with a price tag of $285.56. But if you travel often, durable is what you want.
Would I dare? Absolutely. ;)
(gawk at them here)



Secret Gardens...

I have a bit of an obsession with English box/hedge gardens. I think they are simply elegant and I will have one (on a smaller scale of course) on my property one day.

(images found here and here)

PB, you will always have my heart. Especially when you generate such a cutie as this! Find it here.

Would you like to live in this cute cottage? Why, yes please!

When can I move in? Seriously.
This is totally a yes, please.

Funny babies

I found this etsy creator, mamamonkey, through Natalie at 100 Percent Cottam. Her baby onesies are very cool for your new little one. They'll be stylin'.

You too can drool over (or, on, if you are under the age of 2) these cuties here, here and here.

I love the neutral colors and overall peaceful feeling of this bathroom! What a haven!
(picture found here)

100% Cottam

I just wanted to alert all those who don't know about the blog 100% Cottam. It is run by the very talented Natalie and it is so down to earth and real. She is a mother of two (soon to be three, congrats Natalie!!) and just tells things as they are. She has an eye for the creative and always has good finds. Check her blog out here!

Absent...but for a good reason!

So, I was away for a week. I am sure I was pined for (hee, right!) but I have a really good excuse...I was in Orlando, Florida! For one glorious week my man and I and two other friends stayed in a time share condo, went to Disneyworld, and just relaxed! It was a fantastic (and much needed) trip! I will have to go into more detail later because the best part of it was my birthday present from my man that included being able to touch animals. That's right, I got to touch animals and I didn't get in trouble! Details later... :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Isn't this a brilliant idea for displaying a family tree?? I think it is splendid!
'Tis the time to break out the swimming suits. I don't know about anyone else, but I struggle finding a good bathing suit. Every woman has such a different body shape that bathing suits can be hit or miss as far as fit. But as for style, well, I tried to find a few I thought were hits.

To err on the side of modesty a bit, I mostly look for one-piece and tankini suits. And I think this search is usually a much harder one. Bikinis seem to have endless cute varieties while finding a one-piece outside of the basic Speedo (which for some people is great but on me looks shameful) takes a bit more hunting. Here are some that I did find:

This one has a bandeau top and pleats over the hips, making a streamlined look. Find it here.

The monokini is a newer fashion in swimwear and is the 'grey' between a one-piece and a bikini. I think it is cute and kind of teasing. You can find this polka-dotted one here.

Here are another two options for cute(r) one-pieces. Find them here and here, respectively.

I love the old Hollywood glamour look of this piece. If I had this one, I might just have to wear pearls too.

If I had the money, I would buy this in a second. Maybe some would consider it a far cry from a bathing suit but I just think it is too cute. The frills and lace win me over. ;)

This bathing suit from Victoria's Secret is the one that I recently bought for this summer. It fits pretty well and I am pleased with it so far. You can find it here.
Good luck!
I don't think you can get any girlier than a tutu light shade. I love it.

I like how clean-cut this desk space is. But I am especially loving the framed pictures and necklace! The extra wide matting is so pretty.
_(Insert your name)_, Darling.

I think everyone should have 'Darling' follow their name. You could not resist answering to your name then!

I want this outfit! Especially the hat, yes? :)
*Notice the description above: "Kitty Balfour 'Kitty Darling'".

What kid wouldn't want to store their toys in this cool chest?
Get it here.

Hee Hee

You simply must check out these hilarious cards. They capitalize on the usage of asteriks and 'reading the fine print'. Quite enjoyable! I don't think it will be hard to find an excuse to buy one of these! Giggle over them here.

When can I move in?

*Sigh* Yes Please!

I am liking this mixture of old and new with the use of the gorgeous antique chandelier and the sleek metal bathtub and minimilistic white curtains. It is a great blend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Puddles would be no match for me if I had on these fantastic red boots!


"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."
-- L. M. Montgomery

I have been having a love affair with cute summer cottages lately. I cannot help but be tempted by their sweet simplicity and calming decor. May your heart flutter as mine did as you look at these objects of affection...

An unassuming pathway leads you to this gem. The first room you enter is stunning in its simplicity. I adore the windows and the chandelier.

I love the use of the white wood planks throughout the house.

Adjoined to the kitchen is a heavenly breakfast nook that is flooded with light and provides a view out into the water.

Another option for dining is provided out on the back deck.

A look at the back deck from the dock and a view from the back door!

And last but not least, two cute bedrooms in which to dream about sunshine and swimming!

Ooh! I have these lights on top of my bookcases too! They add a nice touch. You can purchase them at Ikea (for, of course, a fantastic price).
Yes please!

Found here.