Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Tis the time for...babies?

April showers bring May...babies. I don't know about you, but in the next few months I have to amass a stockpile of teeny tiny clothes, shoes, and toys for at least five babies due to be born! I actually have to peel myself away from anything so tiny and cute when I am in stores or else I would have a wardrobe full of baby stuff without a baby! Anyway, here are some cute things I found on Etsy ( for anyone who hasn't heard of this site yet...though I don't think there is anyone left who hasn't heard of it...). Note to self: only look for baby stuff for other people, only look for baby stuff for other people, only look...


Cute hats AND a squishy baby! (although I don't think the baby is for sale...blast...)

(Etsy sellers: #1-layette, #2-malindi, #3-bellasymphony, #4-daskaninchen)

A secret cottage...

From the low white walls and the church's steeple,
From our little fields under grass or grain,
I'm gone away to the fairy people
I shall not come to the town again.

You may see a girl with my face and tresses,
You may see one come to my mother's door
Who may speak my words and may wear my dresses.
She will not be I, for I come no more.

I am gone, gone far, with the fairies roaming,
You may ask of me where the herons are
In the open marsh when the snipe are homing,
Or when no moon lights nor a single star.
On stormy nights when the streams are foaming
And a hint may come of my haunts afar,
With the reeds my floor and my roof the gloaming,
But I come no more to Ballynar...

-an excerpt from 'The Fairy Child' by Lord Dunsany

Wouldn't it be delightful to be walking through the woods and come upon this cute cottage? You would imagine that you were stepping into some sort of fairytale!

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Both of these scenes just have a feeling of calm, don't they? Pretty, pretty.