Monday, June 30, 2008

Travel 101?

So, on my recent trip I came to the long-overdue realization that I need new luggage. I have had the same set for about 7 years and they have traveled with me back and forth from home and college and shoved in numerous moving vans and trucks over those years. They are ripped and holey and the last few zippers finally gave up and refused to close. Luckily I got one last use of them. But the time has come for some new luggage!
To start, I found some great sets that were (I thought) reasonably priced.

These cute pink ones were priced at only 89.95!
Chocolate and pink---excellent combo and only 124.99 here.

This 2-set Liz Claiborne is 189.95.
I simply love these polka-dotted ones! Aren't they cute? And, hey, they would be easy to spot at baggage claim... They come in at only $165.71.

Leaning towards the more expensive luggage sets I found these:
This set is $279.00 but it comes with 6 pieces!
I like how big each of these are. They look very durable and hopefully are, with a price tag of $285.56. But if you travel often, durable is what you want.
Would I dare? Absolutely. ;)
(gawk at them here)

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