Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day dreaming

This is my idea of spending a day at the shore...
Just add a little cot and I would be in heaven.
This most interesting tub is called the intelligent bath...why you ask? Because you can preset your desired water tempurature, spa jets, etc. and it will store that information. It even has a feature where you can link it to your cell phone. So, say you are driving home after a long day at work. Just call a number and dial in your desired setting and the bath will begin filling itself! By the time you get home, you will have a nice warm bath ready for you!

I'm going to say this is a Yes please!

From here. Found thanks to this site.

These make me laugh

"If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford It"

"When I'm Good I'm Very Good But When I'm Bad I'm Better"

"Does This Bracelet Make Me Look Fat?"

I deliberated back and forth for a good while about whether or not to introduce you to one of the loves of my life. I try and focus mainly on simply elegant things that I find to be inspiring and beautiful but I realized that she fits into that category. She is what brings a smile to my face every groggy morning. She is my constant companion and champion snuggler.

May I introduce: Lily.

Lily is a beautiful mixture of chihuahua and terrier, with some other breeds in there also I am sure. We adopted her from a shelter when she was about 7 weeks old. She has become the closest thing to a baby that I can imagine right now. At any chance possible she sits on my hip (like a child would) and lays her head on my shoulder while I put on makeup or cook or even if I am just standing around. She is the most perfect little companion I could ever hope for. *I do apologize. I seem to ramble when it comes to her...*

Lily also poses a decor challenge. I am always on the lookout for more pleasing accessories that fit more seamlessly into my home decor. This seems to be a trend these days as more people have indoor pets but do not want the standard plastic food bowls and dirty pet carrier-turned-bed. So I am always looking for new styles.

Oh, and yes, Lily does have a small wardrobe. I mainly stick to jackets and sweatshirts in order to keep her warm in the winter. Don't judge me too harshly ;)

Here are a few items I found online that would not only fit in decor-wise but would stand out as sleek design.

Two out-of-the-ordinary beds found here and here.

A contemporary take on the average food and water bowl. Found here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What can Browns do for you?

Give me pretty dresses to wear!

All of these dresses are sooo pretty! Though floral patterns aren't my favorite, the pink dress sells to me because of that gorgeous shoulder sash *sigh*.

Something about this room just goes POP for me. I can only guess that it is the usage of color---the neutrals with the robin's egg blue...very pleasing to the eye!
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."
~Martha Graham
(2) (3)
(4) (5)
In my dreams, I am a dancer.
Pink and pretty.

Buy it here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chipmunk: "Um, you look veeerrry familiar...are we second cousins? Third? There are so many of us that I sometimes get mixed up..."
Squirrel statue:
Chipmunk: "Don't be offended. I am sorry. I'll remember next time."
Squirrel statue:
Chipmunk: "There, there. Can we still be friends?"

For better or for worse

The Princeton Review just came out with their college rankings:

Top Jock School - Clemson University (SC)
Best Career / Job Placement Services – Northeastern University (Boston)
Best Classroom Experience – Stanford University
Most Conservative Students – Texas A&M University (College Station)
Most Liberal Students – Occidental College (Los Angeles)
Top Party School – University of Florida (Gainesville)
Top Stone-Cold Sober School – Brigham Young University
Race/Class Relations Friendliest – Pitzer College (CA)
Most Diverse Student Body – City University of New York – Baruch College
Gay Community Most Accepted – Emerson College (Boston)
Best Athletic Facilities – University of Maryland at College Park
Great College Town – DePaul University (Chicago)

I am enthused by both the clothes and the photography for this line Electric Feathers.

You can bid on it here.
I very much want a cradle for my babies that I can pass on. The cradle my mother used for all of us children was actually loaned to her by a friend so it looks like each of us will have to begin that legacy with our own. I particulary like these cradles and believe they are quite worthy of becoming an heirloom!
This dark wood cradle has intricate detailing on both boards. You can find it at PoshTots.

This bassinet/cradle is sweet and simple. You can get it here.

This cradle is probably my favorite. It has such an antique feeling to it and the detailing is exquisite! Find it here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sincerely, Me

Dear Wegman's,

Though it had been many years since my last visit, I was not disappointed when I stepped through your sliding doors on Saturday. Thank you for the perfectly color coordinated stands of organic fruit and vegetables. Thank you for your ethnic food section that entailed more than just refried beans. Thank you for each delectable food section including but not limited to a patisserie, cheese shop, and boulangerie. You make grocery shopping more than a chore---you make it an adventure!


I recently saw two touring Broadway shows: The Color Purple and Mamma Mia!.

I had not seen the movie or read the book before seeing The Color Purple so I was able to focus solely on the music and story without any preconceived notions about either. It is a very dramatic and sometimes heart-wrenching plot but the music is absolutely fabulous. It is full on gospel music and the performers take the notes and run with them. Their voices were powerful and rich and I often found myself closing my eyes just to focus on the singing.

The most recent play I saw was Mamma Mia! I thought that due to being inundated with ABBA music (as most of the world has been) I would not enjoy seeing a play based solely on their songs. But I found that I was most entertained! ABBA really did have great songs it is just that they have been overplayed so much that I had tuned them out. But put in the context of the plot and seeing it live made all the difference. The play is lively and high energy---by the end, you will most likely be dancing in your seat along with the cast.
Good morning and happy monday. This pretty entryway is keeping me awake.

Friday, July 25, 2008


It's the sound of the weekend approaching!


Inspired by

This little number is calling to me.
You can find it here.
Just in case anyone forgets...

This graces the front window of the infamous steak sandwich joint, Pat's. (Think Rocky...)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille
Photo image by flickr contributer Alexxandra R. Duschner.

Crisp, clean, stark...all words that describe Gemma Comas photography. She gave me permission to share her work, and how could I not? It is fabulous. Looking through her lens is surely a treat!

All photos are courtesy of Gemma Comas. Make sure to check out more of her work here.
I love every single piece of this outfit. It is stunning!
Designer: Alice Temperley
See it here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do you feel like skipping?

Well, I do! Because we are going on another tour! Hooray!

This home in London uses stark white on white and grey hues throughout. But the decor only compliments the beautiful architecture already in place. The second I saw the floor-to-ceiling length windows, I was in love.