Thursday, July 31, 2008

I deliberated back and forth for a good while about whether or not to introduce you to one of the loves of my life. I try and focus mainly on simply elegant things that I find to be inspiring and beautiful but I realized that she fits into that category. She is what brings a smile to my face every groggy morning. She is my constant companion and champion snuggler.

May I introduce: Lily.

Lily is a beautiful mixture of chihuahua and terrier, with some other breeds in there also I am sure. We adopted her from a shelter when she was about 7 weeks old. She has become the closest thing to a baby that I can imagine right now. At any chance possible she sits on my hip (like a child would) and lays her head on my shoulder while I put on makeup or cook or even if I am just standing around. She is the most perfect little companion I could ever hope for. *I do apologize. I seem to ramble when it comes to her...*

Lily also poses a decor challenge. I am always on the lookout for more pleasing accessories that fit more seamlessly into my home decor. This seems to be a trend these days as more people have indoor pets but do not want the standard plastic food bowls and dirty pet carrier-turned-bed. So I am always looking for new styles.

Oh, and yes, Lily does have a small wardrobe. I mainly stick to jackets and sweatshirts in order to keep her warm in the winter. Don't judge me too harshly ;)

Here are a few items I found online that would not only fit in decor-wise but would stand out as sleek design.

Two out-of-the-ordinary beds found here and here.

A contemporary take on the average food and water bowl. Found here.

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