Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oooh! So I had to post a picture of this fabulous bed because it is almost precisely like the bed I have now. (Bought mine this past year at the now deceased Bombay Company. May it rest in peace.) The headboards are a bit different (mine is curved) and the moulding is slightly different, but essentially it is very similar! The four posters plus the slats on top---the possibilities are endless! All through middle and high school I had a four-poster bed (it was my parent's old one) and I think they are sooo classic. I want to play around with different fabric and hang it in really creative ways around the slats on top---but right now, since I live in a tiny row home, the tiny chandelier light fixture in my bedroom actually hangs in between two of the top slats! So my artsy (or attempts at) ideas will have to wait. :)

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