Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Needless to say, I have a thing for animals. All creatures great and small cause me to go wild with excitement (with the rare exception of arachnids *shudder*). I have oft been compared to the Animaniac's own Elmyra...
"I love kittens I love kitties, squeeze them into itty bittys!"

I turn my nose up at this comparison, for, though I do love to 'squish' animals it is merely to hold them as close as I can and kiss them and love them and take care of them...okay, so maybe there are some similiarities. Hee, no not really. But my heart does warm to nearly every animal and I am totally the eccentric girl who will take a baby mouse found on a sidewalk and try to hand feed him from a dropper or help a firefly dry his wings on my hand so that he can fly once more...have I alarmed anyone yet? ;) Anyway, enough of that blabbing. This whole intro-that-became-a-novel was merely to lead into one little encounter that I made in Florida. Lizards and frogs run rampant down there and I took every opportunity I could to hold them all. In this case, after two nights of surveillance and an hour of hiding and waiting I finally got to hold this little cutie. I promptly named him Ribbity-Robbity-Roo (I thought it was appropriate) and got some pictures of him before I set him back where I found him.

I love him so!

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