Monday, June 2, 2008

Simply Sussex

This lovely house is located in Sussex, England. It is precious. There is a delicate mix of old and new.
Look at this precious entrance! Tree-lined and everything!
And the front yard with its cut grass and circular drive.

You then enter through that gorgeous wooden door with its antique handle and into the entryway.
A cozy living room.
I love the tiny window all the way in the far right of the room!
A little dining room. Look at that huge brick fireplace. Isn't it cozy?
And then you enter the newly fashioned kitchen.
Charming, no? Very cottage-y.
Bird's eye view. The high ceilings make it look very large but the lighting and simple decor somehow make it cozy at the same time.
A guest bedroom perhaps. Notice if you will the charming fireplace. Also, look at the doors. They are on different levels.

Master bedroom maybe? Very cozy and inviting. Makes me want to take a nap...


A stone barn on the property.

A precious and sizeable stone stable/barn.

And finally, the extensive back of the property with a view of the house. Picturesque!

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