Monday, June 16, 2008

La Vie Boheme

Some friends and I are trying to get up to New York City sometime soon and catch a play. They are moving soon and have never seen a play on Broadway. So it has to be a good one! That got me thinking about all of the plays I have seen. Granted, I have only seen one play actually on Broadway but I have seen many Broadway shows in both D.C. and Philadelphia.

My first and foremost love---whose songs I can sing along to in my sleep---is 'RENT'. I have had heart palpitations over this play since around the latter part of 1996 (the same year it appeared on Broadway). I saw it once in D.C. and, in a once-in-a-lifetime occurance, I saw it on Broadway: front row, dead center. I could rest my chin on the stage. I sat there for two and a half hours in a complete trance (well, except for when I had to be held back from jumping on to the stage and singing along...okay so it was more like a bouncing-in-my-seat-music-pulsing-through-me-wildly-reacting-every-time-the-actors-looked-me-in-the-eyes-trance. It was incredible!). Anyway, 'RENT' would have to top my list of incredible must-see Broadway shows.

Next up, at a close second and only in that place because of my longer history with 'RENT' is the sensational 'Wicked'. This play is jaw-droppingly good. I had heard the music before I saw it but I was not in the least prepared for actually seeing it in the theatre. Oh my gosh. It is a fantastic show. If it comes to your area don't think, don't hesitate, just buy tickets. I guarantee you will love it. But be prepared because after you see it you'll want the cd and then you'll want to go to New York and see it again and---well, you'll be hooked.
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Then of course there are some of the classics such as and which are must-sees. I remember distinctly each of these plays. I was very young when I saw them and they easily ushered me into my love for theatre.
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The rest that I have seen are all good and I kind of mesh them together in a pile in no particular order.

They are:

1. 2.
4. 5.
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