Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Around the house

As important to me as my dream house is my dream estate. The land and other structures that make up the whole picture are vital. I included a few pictures of sights I could definately wake up to each day.

I love the fenced in little garden area which then opens up into a field. Fields. I have this...urge? impulse? something that pulls at me whenever I am near a huge grassy field. I want to run through the field. I want to run fast through the tall grass and just run until I can't anymore and then just lay in the sun. Kind of odd, right? Especially if you know me you know that I hate to run. Really, I hate it. When I run, I look like a mix between a gazelle and a fairy ballerina. I am told that when just trotting over to something I actually hold my arms straight to my sides with my wrists bent up and out. For what, wind speed? Or to balance myself in case I just spontaneously fall over? (probably the latter) Who knows. So, I run only if I have to...that is, unless there is a lush field beckoning to me and I just cannot resist!

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