Monday, September 21, 2009

Espying Elegance

I went for a walk the other day. Here are some of the things I saw, including amazing homes. The detail is incredible. I will have to take more pictures of the homes nearby. They are pant-worthy.

Multi-paned windows, a small round window...
This little alcove is precious. And the stone-work...

A friend.
The park across from my street.

A cute address post covered in flowers.

All of these homes are from either the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries and capture my heart.
Can you believe how well-kept these homes are? It makes me so happy to see old architecture kept in all its glory. Makes me want to knock on the door and hug the owners!


Geisslein said...

oh my god - how lovely and beautiful these houses are?! where is this? I have fallen in love this night - thanks for sharing :o)
nighty night, geisslein

Lisa & Gerald said...

Beautiful older them too..Just wished I could have one..