Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stairway to heaven?

The main staircase of my dream home has always been difficult to pin down. I would like it in the main entryway of the house but I shy away from the more gaudy, expansive entryways that echo even the smallest of sounds and present a cold first impression of one's home. But the staircase itself I have always wanted to be more dramatic, though not garish. Dare I even hint at the motto of my dream home being simple yet elegant? Hee. Anyway, this staircase is rather tempting to me. It is large and sweeping yet only in its own little corner of the entryway. The railing is gorgeous. I love all the wall space, which I would promptly fill with framed black and white photos of all sizes in my own 3-wall picture gallery.
The landing also is a subject of concern for me because I want it to reflect the beauty of the staircase but also communitcate instant comfort and familiarity since, to me, the second floor of the home is strictly private quarters and is even more intimate than the floors below. Don't you love how seriously I contemplate this as-of-yet non-existant dream home of mine? ;)