Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let there be (white) Light!

I was put in charge of decorating our office tree. I was told we already had a pre-lit tree so I went out and purchased the decorations. When I got back from Thanksgiving break my co-workers had set up the tree---and to my dismay I saw that it was pre-lit with colored lights.
Oh mercy me.
After I had already voiced my distaste at even the thought of color lights. None of my decor would work with color lights and to be honest, I don't even know how to decorate around multi-colored lights. So what did I do?
I took the pre-lit lights off.
Easy, you think? I say nay nay.
Each strand was adhered to over half of the trees branches with a plastic clip. I had to twist and break every single clip in order to free the strand of lights. It took altogether about 4 hours of pinching and breaking and 10 band-aids to stop the bleeding of my chafed fingers. But I was determined to be rid of the color lights! Once I finished taking them off, I strung it with white lights and attempted to decorate it with simple (but elegant) furnishings. This was my first time decorating a tree entirely by myself and with only my choice of decor. Daunting.
Below are pictures of the final product.

So, I put this out to my fellow bloggy friends: Color lights or white lights at the holidays? I absolutely must have white lights. I can't explain why. To me, (and mind you, this is purely my opinion about how I want my decor) color lights are akin to lawn ornaments: usually tacky. I used to think it was a West/East thing (with westerners preferring color lights) but I don't believe that is true. So, hopefully I haven't made anyone feel bad. You can do whatever you want with your own lights, I just have to have white lights. But I truly want to know what the consensus is. Do you use color lights or white lights?? Talk amongst yourselves ;)

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Yeah for White lights!
You are the Best! Im the same way with the lights, They have to be White and only be white
I love your tree at the office! Can't wait to see your tree at home girl!