Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have tried lately, through my countless searchings for homes, decor, and fashion, to stop and look at the details. Particulary because sometimes I may not be in love with the whole picture of a room but I can find details that I find to be stunning. So in the next few pictures I tried to pick out such minutiae :)

1. The gilded ivory mirror. The detail makes it hard to pull your eyes away.
2. The light blue paint. Adds a calmness to the room while also allowing other colors to pop.

1. The built in shelves/cases over the window. Brilliant use of space and a great way to display items you don't need on a daily basis.
2. The overhead lights. What a charming detail. It gives the room a more rustic even (in my opinion) nautical look.
3. The tiny windows above the long windows/french doors. The more panes, the better!

This room makes me smile.
1. The dark wood floors and wide planks. Scrumptious.
2. The dark wood bookcase that is jammed with books.
3. The windows, which you will notice have a latch that allows you to open it up outwards.

1. The reddish paint color. Bold but set off nicely with the white bedspread and white moulding.
2. The beaded side table. Just so sweet and adds an antique feel to a more modern bed.

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