Friday, November 7, 2008

The Good...and the good...


On Wednesday night, for the first time ever, I cleared a low jump while riding a horse. It was the first time I had ever jumped and it was a success! Needless to say I was overjoyed at this new development. I even did a second jump. It was the most exciting thing I have ever accomplished.

(the picture above is of course not me (I wish) but I cleared a jump as high as the lowest pole in the picture)

The Not so Fantastic news:

As I attempted to do a third and final jump my horse decided that she didn't want to and swerved sharply to the left of the jump. I was crouched in as good a 2-point position as I could, ready to jump, but the sharp swerve threw me hard to the left and I crashed to the ground, landing on my back/left side. It was raining hard and yet I laid there, on the sand, for a good 15 minutes before I could move any part of my lower body. I was twisted oddly and my trainer said that I had hit my head extremely hard (thank goodness for helmets) and she thought at first that was why I was not moving. It took another 15 minutes to stand and then I couldn't stay standing for more than 2 minutes without fainting.

Long story short (too late!) I somehow got myself home (I think I was a bit in shock) and have been in tons of pain. I can hardly walk and even sitting is uncomfortable. But it could have been worse. I have never fallen off a horse so I suppose it was high time that I did ;) My trainer assured me it was nothing that I did wrong--my horse just got stubborn and refused to jump. I am actually more anxious to get back on because I want to continue the great streak I was having until the fall. And I am not going to let it scare me. All riders fall off occasionally and I am just hoping to now count myself in with a more experienced crowd ;)

(note: neither picture is of me but I wanted to give some images to aid in my descriptions)

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Im so glad that you are ok! You get back on that horse and show him who's the boss!
Someone was looking over you!