Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Espying Elegance

This gothic style home is elegant but also eclectic with its mixture of old and new. But by far what caught my eye about this abode is its BEDS. Oh they are simply amazing. Jaw-drop worthy indeed. Enjoy! (and don't salivate on your keyboard too much :)
I love the old world charm and antiquity!
In this room there is great warmth that pervades. The dark wood paneled wall and great fireplace just begs for coziness!
The first of the grand beds. This room is filled with what looks to be antiques but the main piece of the room is definately the bed!
This room looks extremely cozy but you can tell it is of a different era than some of the other rooms.

A more Oriental feel in this room and even a modern touch with the sleek four poster bed.

I adore many-paned windows. Another weak-knee thing of mine.

This bed, to me, is the crown jewel. I stared at this bed forever when I first saw it. The dark, intricately carved wood; the paneled canopy: ultimate luxury. This is a yes please (pretty please).

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Everything about that house I just love!