Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The runway.

Models in outlandish outfits and frownish faces.

I never understood how designers got where they did by showcasing such clothes as these. I couldn't wrap my mind around the prestige and glamour fawned over what I perceived to be ridiculous wastes of cloth.
But I have tried to sift through and find for myself the meaning of all the fuss.
I have come to find that no one does wear those outfits but if you look closely you can see elements of a certain piece that you could indeed corporate into more everyday attire.
What you see strutting down the runway is merely the most extreme of extremes for a certain piece of clothing and acts as inspiration for the more practical.
Am I completely clueless to have figured this out so late? Maybe.
But that is my perception and hopefully now I won't be so afraid of the fast-paced world of fashion. Whew, okay. Glad I got that off my chest ;)

That being said, here are a few outfits that I eyed from designers A. Ferretti and Andrew Gn, respectively.

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