Thursday, September 4, 2008

Playing dress up

For those of you with a guy in your life, do you find yourself wanting to dress him up all the time? Maybe I have a disorder because I never played with dolls as a little girl but I love getting clothes and outfits for my Mr. C. Despite his often fight or flight response (usually its flight) I beg him to let me put together outfits for him. I spend more money buying clothes for him than anything else. There is just so many fun things out there I can dress him up in! So many looks, so many styles! He could carry any and all of them off although, like I said, he fights it. Sooo, I just wondered if anyone else ails from this constant desire to dress their guy up. Because I have it bad and poor Mr. C. bears the brunt ;)

Here are two things I would love to put him in...although not at the same time of course.

You can find them here.


Wanderluster said...

I do the same thing with my husband. Funny thing is, he always gets compliments on clothes I pick for him, and never gets any on the clothes he picks for himself. Maybe that's why he still lets me play dress up :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey K!
I just gave you an award for your blog! I love it! I always love reading your blog post and looking at the beautiful pics. What ever they maybe Elegant vintage clothes to very elegant rooms or anything from A-Z that catches my eyes!heheheh like the hott shoes and swimsuits!
Hope you have a great night!
Sending hugs and kisses your way!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey K!
I would love to help you out with the blog award But Im also new to this too! heheheheeh
1. head back to my blog
2 try to cut and paste my blog post or
This is what I did save the pic of the blog award in your pics.
3. I copyed everything out on paper then went to my blog started a new blog post and added the pic (blog award pic)then I typed in everything from the paper and passed it on to 7 other bloggy friends... so you will put
simplyelegant-k has received a award!!
Lisa from then go from my blog post award but add your 7 bloggy friends after all that go to their blogs and leave a comment on the 7 blogs
hehehe I hope this helps you out alot

Sara said...

that's so funny! i would love to dress my guy but it's so hard to pick out things he likes...he's totally picky! i just don't even try. i totally like those shoes and that shirt though!