Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creature Comforts Challenge

The marvelous blogger Creature Comforts sent out a challenge to put together an outfit you would wear out shopping with your girlfriends. I picked these items with a few things in mind:

1. To stay with the theme of a day out with the girls I had to find a balance between comfort and style. As much as I envy those who can pull it off, I am not a tennis shoes and tee shirt kind of girl. Again, I envy women who can look simply elegant in the most casual of clothes (i.e. pajama pants, flip flops, etc.) but alas I am not so lucky. Thus, a casual day out would probably include a feminine black shirt and dark jeans with dangling jewelry of some kind.
2. I tried (really hard) to think comfort. Again, I am really good at not wearing the most comfortable of clothes---especially shoes. I believe my feet are somewhat mangled from years of wearing shoes that, although beyond cute, would make a podiatrist faint. Thus, I included flats in my outfit to reach beyond my heel fetish and allow for a day of lots of walking.
3. Lastly, to also keep within the confines of the challenge, I was aware of price. This was supposed to be a price-friendly outfit.
The grand total of my outfit: $112.69

So, Ez (Creature Comforts) how did I do?

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Ez said...

Wow! This is such a cute look, and only $112!!! I'm super impressed! Thank you so much for joining in the fun!