Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Topsy Turvy Design is a fabulous hat designer and sells her creations on etsy. I love that she focuses on millinery from the past and creates hats that Marie Antoinette would pant over. And look at the gorgeous photos! They make me want her designs even more!

This little accessory is beyond adorable and could be worn easily with a glammed-up outfit for a night out. I am still arguing with myself about buying this---I guess I don't need it but I sure want it!


Sara said...

oh great photos...and hats! i wish i was a hat person myself...i so love them, but i think i just look silly in them :)

Laci said...

Hello! Thank you for your nice email it made my day. And I'm so excited to see your blog I LoVe it!

Anisa said...

HI Kait!
Thanks for the email!
Love the hat styling, great photos.