Monday, August 4, 2008

About three weeks ago I visited (for the hundredth time) one of the estates I covet most: Mount Vernon. There are only a few properties that I have been to that make me go weak in the knees and make the cut as a basis for my own dream estate (because of course, there are no limitations on dreaming, right?). The vast property at Mount Vernon is on that very short list. The land itself is stunning and the property is laid out with perfection. The elongated front lawn, the two side gardens that run parallel to it, and at the center of this layout, the iconic home sits at the is enough to make me swoon. I also love how the house and gardens take up their own area of the property while a little distance away you then find the more hardy farm structures and fields. It is planned to perfection. Courtesy of my wonderful sister, here are some pictures from that day:

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