Friday, July 18, 2008

So, as an addition to my previous post on outdoor rooms, I thought I would look around and find some individual items that you could use in your very own outdoor room!

I am in love with this gorgeous arrangement of seating. It is comfortable and classy!
Ooh, and add in this lovely lounger!

This chandelier would be stunning! And an assortment of candle holders and lanterns make me swoon so I would include all of these:

(Find all three here)
This cute little candle holder you could hang from tree branches or trellis beams creating a very magical ambiance. You can find these at Ikea for only 12.99!

I told you about my lust for outside curtains, right? Well I found some at West Elm (pictured above) and also at Pottery Barn. They are weather-resistant and easy to clean---an easy way to enhance your outdoor space.

Lastly, in order to add charm to your space and allow greater use of it through the seasons, outdoor firepits are a must!

(found here, here, and here)

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