Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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I wanted to introduce an aspiring artist that I happen to know. His name is Ryan Muldowney. He recently graduated with an MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. At a huge exhibit run by the school where the artists show their work, he sold all but three of his paintings on the first night to VIP's that had paid to get in before the general public! His style leans more towards modern minimalism and his pieces, especially his landscapes, are dramatic in their starkness. He and his family will soon be moving out west as he has accepted a teaching position at a university and in order to lighten their load of things to pack and move he held a silent auction for a select number of friends. I was lucky enough to attend and purchased three smaller oil paintings and one very large canvas painting (for a fraction of a fraction of what they would normally be sold for!). I love them. I will have to include pictures of them sometime soon but in the mean time, here are few examples of his art work. And please make sure to check out his website!

(All images of paintings attributed to Ryan Muldowney and found here)

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