Friday, July 11, 2008

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would provide pictures of the artwork that I purchased from artist Ryan Muldowney and here they are. I was extremely nervous to do so because not only are these glimpses of his artwork but of my home too! I have seen photos of other bloggers' homes and that just makes me even more nervous because their rooms are so put together and pretty! I am still at the very early stages of making a house a home (also because I am still renting---blah!) so I have a long way to go. ANYWAY, I am sure you didn't need that whole explanation of things but here are the photos...just focus on the paintings and not on anything around them...hee! Thanks!!

I love the calmness represented in these landscapes. I imagine walking through a forest where the only sounds to be heard are those of trees swaying in the wind...or trekking through a new snowfall where the silence itself is deafening. Love it!

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