Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cottages continued

Time to peek into another sweet little cottage! Hooray!

We'll start with a front view of this tiny paradise---
I like the blue and cream hues. They are warm and inviting but allow variety on color.
We'll skip up the little stairs to the bedroom where you sleep among the roses...
Back downstairs is the stunning family room. I love the usage of french doors throughout.
This simplistic kitchen just makes me want to sit and feast on berries and cream. Mmmmm.
The sunroom is exactly that---a tiny room just sided with windows and bathed in constant sunshine! Grab a book and make yourself comfortable!
Or, if you really want to relax...
Set yourself down in this fantastical hammock! Oh cuteness!

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Inger said...

I live in a cottage..! ((yay!) The upside of it is that you can really just splash away with florals and over the top cuteness to it.
The really rally hard thing is to choose between seaside/roses/dark-furniture-library themes. I think I have a little bit of all, and would like to change it a bit with the seasons.. it is not easy finding the perfect wallcoverings - I am still searching!