Monday, June 2, 2008


Beautiful I have said in previous posts, yards and land are very important to me. I dream of the perfect yard that I can wander through one day---perhaps with a basket on my arm to cut flowers or pick berries. Also, it will be a place where garden parties and candle-lit evenings will be a constant occurance. I found a few pictures that echo some of my daydreaming...
Woodwork among gardens makes my heart beat faster. You will find such wood posts and trellises in old English gardens and American colonial-fashioned gardens.

I love the built-in paths through the flowers.

Look how the ivy branches twist around the wood posts. Oh how I love it!

I also love gravel walkways. This is a cute back entrance.

A well manicured area of the lawn. Cut grass to play in and walk barefoot through.

And to finish, a lovely path through a field that is just beckoning to me...

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