Thursday, June 5, 2008


Modesty is really important to me and is kind of a fundamental teaching within my religion. And though I support it and live by it to the best of my ability, let me tell you it can be extremely frustrating! Finding classy and elegant apparel is often a calculated mess of figuring out if-I-buy-that-dress-I'll-have-to-buy-some-shrug-or-jacket-to-go-over-it-and-it-has-to-match and blah blah. Not to mention that knee-length totally doesn't mean knee-length. I like to think that my style of dress is classic with a flair of glamour so I don't worry myself with obvious fads or things like that but even so, clothes shopping is sometimes a chore. Have I complained enough? ;) I wanted to do a search and find some outfits that would be absolutely lovely without sacrificing modesty. More specifically, I wanted to focus on dress shopping for finding a nice dress is at the top of the list of frustrating apparel.

To start out, I looked to Mikarose, a small dress shop that zeroes in on a market for those who desire a bit more cover.

Shabby Apple is another store that focuses on adding a bit more cloth to their dresses... ;)

For other dresses, a simple and still stylish option is the use of shrugs and boleros. For example:

You could pair this summery green dress with this white shrug/bolero.

This cute dress can be coupled with this black bolero.

I found a reassuring number of shrugs and boleros that could work with different outfits. Thank goodness, because I am in desperate need of some more! Here are a few that I found---

A nice tie-front that could be made casual or dressy.

A white wrap around. So versatile!

Here is a cute long sleeve shrug.

This little number is much more dressy. I think it is very sweet and could add some flair to any dress.
I like this one alot. I have one similar to it in white and I seriously wear it all the time. Wait. I'm actually wearing it right now. Hee. Talk about conviction!

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