Monday, June 2, 2008

London flat

On this Monday morning, let's travel across the waters and look in on a cute London flat.
A view of the front.
View of the back.

Cute little kitchen. I like the rough wood island.

I also like the glass cupboards and open shelves. It helps the space to look more open.

The overhead lighting also helps create a more airy look to a kitchen with an already low ceiling.

A view of the hall and family room.

I like the dark wood floors and long windows of these rooms.

Small but convenient bathroom. Once again, the white color opens up the space.

A peek into one of the bedrooms.
All in all, a very fun space that has endless possibilities for all kinds of decor options. The age of most of London's architecture (and all of Europe for that matter) allows for distinct and unique decorating. There are many nooks and crannies that you will not find in American housing. It just makes decorating that much more fun!

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