Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's go on a tour...

In this house in London, every corner is utilized in order to maximize space. I think it has been done pretty brilliantly. The decor is simple but elegant with a flair of fun infused with the splash of pink found in the living room. Such a bright color suggests a flair of the modern and breaks up any chance of monotony of decor.

A narrow front hall leads into a sitting room. Look closely at the front door. Isn't it charming?

The doors leading to the patio are also cute. I like that it is made to be a door and a window (hence the drapes).

This living room is bright and airy. The white walls and white furniture add to that feeling. And here is the splash of pink I spoke of. It adds just the right amount of color.

A pretty window area.

Views into the adjoining rooms.

A charming little family room or den.

It looks so cozy but at the same time very chic. The fireplace is of course a source of hyperventilating for me. I love fireplaces!

Barring the colored tiles on the left wall, I really like this kitchen! I am an avid fan of white on white in the kitchen area and the wood floor and big windows in this kitchen seal the deal for me. For a row home/townhouse this kitchen is a huge selling point! I love it!

First into the bedroom, also graced with wood floors and nice natural light. And then on to the bathroom which I think is very fun! The claw-foot bathtub is of course luxurious and there is a fireplace! And notice the shower in the corner...I don't think there is any glass around it. Very cool.

Lastly, a cute backyard. The overhang is a nice touch.

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