Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's go on another home tour, shall we?
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A precious church-turned-cottage. Look at the stonework!

(3) The front entry introduces the home's history. It is full of paneled walls and antiques.

(4) (5)
Down the hall is a cozy library on one side and in front of you spans the spacious living room.
(6) (7)

Though the ceilings are high and arched, the living area retains an air of comfort rather than expanse. The small balcony above is used as a den/workspace.

(8) At the back lies the kitchen. It is small but not confining. It has everything you would need.

(9) There were not sufficient pictures of the bedrooms but here is a cute glimpse of a small guest room with its own adjoining bathroom.

(10) And then it is through the back french doors and into a lovely yard.
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Thanks for joining me!

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