Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just returned from a trip out west. It was for my sister's graduation and it was SO much fun showing up on her doorstep and surprising her. Congrats again, bobby sis! While there, I got to experience my first time at Lake Tahoe. What a beautiful place. My mother spent her summers there as a child and has always told us about it so it was great to finally see it for myself. It is odd to go from the Nevada desert to mountains, snow, and the lake in a matter of minutes. And the craziest part was that we even went into the lake up to our knees! It was that hot! The pictures were taken by my father. It was a great trip and I highly recommend Lake Tahoe! My sister and I decided that one day when we're rich and famous she would build a summer house at Lake Tahoe and I would build one at the Outer Banks in N.C. and we would switch off each year staying at each house for the summer! Good idea, no?

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